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at the Putrajaya Mosque Square

            On 20th April we have had an exciting trip to Putrajaya with the TESLians and our instructors for the Educational Technology course Dr.Rosseni, Mr.Helmi, Mrs.Hazrati, Mr.Faisal, Mr.Yusuf and several postgraduate students. Other than extremely enjoying ourselves with the exquisite views of Putrajaya the “garden-city” , we have gathered excellent photos and videos to be infused in our video later. This awesome since not only we get to visit Putrajaya by free transport and provided with free food, we also get the chance to gain the exact materials for our video at the same time, since Putrajaya is one of our targeted places to feature.

at the ministry of treasury

          For those who have never been to Putrajaya, it is actually a very amazing planned city situated 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur which is developed with the garden-like vibes that the surroundings are filled with modern buildings yet still maintained with the natural elements like green trees, ponds and lakes, flowers, and such. Here you may also find cultural and recreation activities held according to the fixed schedule. For instance, during this particular trip we have made time to visit the magnificent Putrajaya Mosque, the Ministry of Finance, the Pullman Lakeside and the Putrajaya night market; and of course, the last mentioned place is everyone’s most favourite as it is where you can various local food, clothes, and even the handcraft products!!!! (^_^)

on the bus

dayang capturing the exquisite sceneries of Putrajaya

Pei Si and Vanessa trying out the augmented reality application through their mobile in Putrajaya


Vanessa capturing photos of Dayang




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          A few days before the date of the video presentation, all of our group members have a long meeting to finish up the video editing and production processes. For creating the most conducive and comfortable place to work, we choose to gather at the multimedia laboratory at the faculty as it is very well air-conditioned and equipped with the computers installed with the media editing softwares like the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere which we certainly need for editing our video and its materials. We’re lucky since there is no class taking place in the laboratory during that time.

          Though before this we have efficiently distributed the tasks well and leave it up to each member to do her parts on her own; yet that day we decide to meet for the last time before our video is finalized and then presented to the class. It is not that we never do any discussion regarding the video production, yet it usually happens spontaneously whenever we meet at classes. And today, four of us come for our planned and formal meeting just to finish up the incomplete parts and check out and resolve the tasks which cannot be  executed by any of our members.

            This time we really work hard with our will in order to get the video done on the same day. Dayang and Vanessa keep working on the images, videos, and audios to be incorporated in the overall video; Pei Si stays committed in updating our blogs with current  activities and materials gained; while i consult Dayang and Vanessa about the selected photos and videos in order to create effective captions regarding them. We work all day long starting from the mid morning and only stop almost at the end of the office hour. 

            Despite all the intense effort, it is all worth it since we manage to get the video finished at the end of the meeting. Plus, Vanessa and Dayang generously offer to bring the video home to polish it up. We returned to our colleges at about five sent by dear Pei Si by her car. We realize that to produce an excellent group work, every member has to play their part and give contribution as much as she is able to, even as giving the group members a ride like Pei Si does (^_^) .

Dayang and Vanessa discussing on the editing of the materials

Pei si working on the editing of the storyboard and the company blog posts

sarah working on the video captions

The Ultimate Journey Video

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This is our very own video, The Ultimate Journey. It covers most of the exquisite landmarks from all over Malaysia. Not that it contains the local places of relaxation, it also does feature the local songs sang by the local singers as the soundtracks. Check out the wonderful mentioned stuff from this original video from our group. May you enjoy watching it (^_^) .

Feel free to leave your comments so that we can improve our video to a betterment 🙂

Story Board =))



The video will begin with the introductory page, comprising title and icons of key slides. A slide consisting of the combination of the whole images and videos utilized to produce the video in the form of a collage attends after the introductory part. This view will be then followed by scenes encompassing visual items of food, people, culture and places from various states around Malaysia. Plus, a map highlighting the locations of the states and the routes interconnecting them is also showed before these particular state scenes begin. These “state scenes” which occur to be main scenes of the video shall commence with the ones featuring Kuala Lumpur and its local elements, due to its status as the capital city of the country. Scenes featuring Johor, the neighbouring region of Kuala Lumpur then emerge in, followed by scenes of the other states such as Perak, Pahang, Kelantan, and others. The video shall end with the final slide displaying a list of credits and thanks aimed to be dedicated to those involved in the making of the video.


1. Introductory page

2. Combinations of all utilized images and videos in the form of a collage

3. Map highlighting the encompassed states and places

4. Scenes of Kuala Lumpur

5. Scenes of Johor

6. Scenes of other states

7. List of credits and thanks.


Note: Please be informed that this storyboard/storyline is just a pre-production plan. In the making of the video, it may be changed and modified according to certain requirements.


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Since our video is intended to introduce Malaysia to the world, it will contain the places, food, culture and people of interests existing in this country. This hence will involve multitudinous scenes which will be presented sequentially from one scene to another scene. These scenes are created through combinations of items (pictures or videos of places, food, people and culture) and then categorized  according to the  states they belong to; which encompass Kuala Lumpur , Malacca, Pahang, Johor, etc. These scenes are to be presented in a coherent and cohesive chronology which is set based on the locations of the states on the map.  Below are the themes for the production of our video.


Paper Prototyping =))


Paper prototyping is used to produce paper prototypes of the website.

The aims of using paper prototyping:
• Plan the overall layout of website
• Information can be searched easily in website
• Message is conveyed to the audience

Main elements that your website should have:
-Main page, General summary of your website, Products page, About us, Contact us


Design company website (using Paper Protyping):

Our Million Steps’ Paper Prototyping

Following Step1~~ PRE-PRODUCTION



  • Neither any acting nor actors will be involved in the video.
  • Video will consist of real captured pictures and video with the appropriate added effects, captions, transitions and other relevant editing techniques.
  • Pictures and videos will be captured during the day and night both indoors and outdoors.
  • The utilized equipments will be cameras, computer, file converter software, image and video editor software such as the Adobe Photoshop, and any other required tools.


  • The sources of ideas in the making of the video would be the resources from the library, peers interviews, online resources such as Facebook, YouTube, forums and chartrooms, and personal experiences.
  • The video is intended to create relaxed and happy emotions in audiences as well as their eagerness and excitement to come and visit Malaysia.



  • The video will be 5-10 minutes long. The key scenes of the video are the title, the inviting and encouraging captions, pictures and videos from one category to another. (Scenes of food category, places category, culture category and people category).
  • Each is scene will be about 3-15 seconds, depending on the type of the materials presented in each scene (pictures will be shorter and videos will be longer).
  • The video will attract audience through its catchy title, captions, transitions, audios (sounds) and the interesting pictures and video clips incorporated. The first scene will be focused in attracting the audience since the first impression is important in portraying to audience whether the whole video is worth watching or not. Other than that, the middle part and final part of the video will also be infused with scenes that may boost their interests to keep watching the video and boost desire in coming to Malaysia.


  • Only key scenes will be sketched.
  • Sketches will be done collaboratively.

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