• Neither any acting nor actors will be involved in the video.
  • Video will consist of real captured pictures and video with the appropriate added effects, captions, transitions and other relevant editing techniques.
  • Pictures and videos will be captured during the day and night both indoors and outdoors.
  • The utilized equipments will be cameras, computer, file converter software, image and video editor software such as the Adobe Photoshop, and any other required tools.


  • The sources of ideas in the making of the video would be the resources from the library, peers interviews, online resources such as Facebook, YouTube, forums and chartrooms, and personal experiences.
  • The video is intended to create relaxed and happy emotions in audiences as well as their eagerness and excitement to come and visit Malaysia.



  • The video will be 5-10 minutes long. The key scenes of the video are the title, the inviting and encouraging captions, pictures and videos from one category to another. (Scenes of food category, places category, culture category and people category).
  • Each is scene will be about 3-15 seconds, depending on the type of the materials presented in each scene (pictures will be shorter and videos will be longer).
  • The video will attract audience through its catchy title, captions, transitions, audios (sounds) and the interesting pictures and video clips incorporated. The first scene will be focused in attracting the audience since the first impression is important in portraying to audience whether the whole video is worth watching or not. Other than that, the middle part and final part of the video will also be infused with scenes that may boost their interests to keep watching the video and boost desire in coming to Malaysia.


  • Only key scenes will be sketched.
  • Sketches will be done collaboratively.