A few days before the date of the video presentation, all of our group members have a long meeting to finish up the video editing and production processes. For creating the most conducive and comfortable place to work, we choose to gather at the multimedia laboratory at the faculty as it is very well air-conditioned and equipped with the computers installed with the media editing softwares like the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere which we certainly need for editing our video and its materials. We’re lucky since there is no class taking place in the laboratory during that time.

          Though before this we have efficiently distributed the tasks well and leave it up to each member to do her parts on her own; yet that day we decide to meet for the last time before our video is finalized and then presented to the class. It is not that we never do any discussion regarding the video production, yet it usually happens spontaneously whenever we meet at classes. And today, four of us come for our planned and formal meeting just to finish up the incomplete parts and check out and resolve the tasks which cannot be  executed by any of our members.

            This time we really work hard with our will in order to get the video done on the same day. Dayang and Vanessa keep working on the images, videos, and audios to be incorporated in the overall video; Pei Si stays committed in updating our blogs with current  activities and materials gained; while i consult Dayang and Vanessa about the selected photos and videos in order to create effective captions regarding them. We work all day long starting from the mid morning and only stop almost at the end of the office hour. 

            Despite all the intense effort, it is all worth it since we manage to get the video finished at the end of the meeting. Plus, Vanessa and Dayang generously offer to bring the video home to polish it up. We returned to our colleges at about five sent by dear Pei Si by her car. We realize that to produce an excellent group work, every member has to play their part and give contribution as much as she is able to, even as giving the group members a ride like Pei Si does (^_^) .

Dayang and Vanessa discussing on the editing of the materials

Pei si working on the editing of the storyboard and the company blog posts

sarah working on the video captions