at the Putrajaya Mosque Square

            On 20th April we have had an exciting trip to Putrajaya with the TESLians and our instructors for the Educational Technology course Dr.Rosseni, Mr.Helmi, Mrs.Hazrati, Mr.Faisal, Mr.Yusuf and several postgraduate students. Other than extremely enjoying ourselves with the exquisite views of Putrajaya the “garden-city” , we have gathered excellent photos and videos to be infused in our video later. This awesome since not only we get to visit Putrajaya by free transport and provided with free food, we also get the chance to gain the exact materials for our video at the same time, since Putrajaya is one of our targeted places to feature.

at the ministry of treasury

          For those who have never been to Putrajaya, it is actually a very amazing planned city situated 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur which is developed with the garden-like vibes that the surroundings are filled with modern buildings yet still maintained with the natural elements like green trees, ponds and lakes, flowers, and such. Here you may also find cultural and recreation activities held according to the fixed schedule. For instance, during this particular trip we have made time to visit the magnificent Putrajaya Mosque, the Ministry of Finance, the Pullman Lakeside and the Putrajaya night market; and of course, the last mentioned place is everyone’s most favourite as it is where you can various local food, clothes, and even the handcraft products!!!! (^_^)

on the bus

dayang capturing the exquisite sceneries of Putrajaya

Pei Si and Vanessa trying out the augmented reality application through their mobile in Putrajaya


Vanessa capturing photos of Dayang