The video will begin with the introductory page, comprising title and icons of key slides. A slide consisting of the combination of the whole images and videos utilized to produce the video in the form of a collage attends after the introductory part. This view will be then followed by scenes encompassing visual items of food, people, culture and places from various states around Malaysia. Plus, a map highlighting the locations of the states and the routes interconnecting them is also showed before these particular state scenes begin. These “state scenes” which occur to be main scenes of the video shall commence with the ones featuring Kuala Lumpur and its local elements, due to its status as the capital city of the country. Scenes featuring Johor, the neighbouring region of Kuala Lumpur then emerge in, followed by scenes of the other states such as Perak, Pahang, Kelantan, and others. The video shall end with the final slide displaying a list of credits and thanks aimed to be dedicated to those involved in the making of the video.


1. Introductory page

2. Combinations of all utilized images and videos in the form of a collage

3. Map highlighting the encompassed states and places

4. Scenes of Kuala Lumpur

5. Scenes of Johor

6. Scenes of other states

7. List of credits and thanks.


Note: Please be informed that this storyboard/storyline is just a pre-production plan. In the making of the video, it may be changed and modified according to certain requirements.